How to choose the best social media platform for your business

Photo by  rawpixel .

Photo by rawpixel.

Social media marketing can be a powerful way to drive user engagement and word of mouth about your business. That said, you can’t win ‘em all. Every social media platform is different; each prefers a particular kind of content. Instead of trying to fit your content into every box, figure out which box is right for you and commit.

How do I know which social media platform fits my business

Even though it sounds like Facebook is taking over the world — Yes, one-fourth of the world owns a Facebook account — that still does not mean you should be on it.  Choose the social network that is an organic fit for your business. Based on our observations, here are the characteristics of the top social platforms.


Facebook was created as a gossip hub where college students could check each other out without having that awkward in-person first meeting. It is built around real-life human connections or “friends.” Although many people’s Facebook friends are really professional colleagues, Facebook remains community-oriented. Evocative, emotional content and personal narratives thrive here.


Pinterest is a visual search engine that allows you to collect your search results in Pin Boards. It’s ideal to showcase art, design (interior, fashion, floral, illustration, graphic) as well as resource guides like infographics and tutorials that users can save and revisit when needed. Check out our post How to use Pinterest as a Marketing Tool for more.


Twitter is beloved by journalists and other word-savvy professionals. If you have a lot to say, Twitter is your ideal social media platform.


The largest and most popular video-based social media network. It’s the best place to share video if you create content around a specific topic. Staying on topic will help you build your own niche and stand out.


LinkedIn is available in 24 languages and with over 400 million registered users, it is the best social media site for professional networking. If you are looking for a full-time position in an already established business or need to hire someone with several years of experience in a field, this is the platform for you.


Instagram is best for visually powerful content that tells a story. Unlike Pinterest where users tend to create their own personal collections, Instagram fosters conversation via comments so you need a good story to tell. It’s not enough to post pretty images, especially now that users can purchase high-quality stock photography. If you are visually-savvy and you have something to say, Instagram is the place for you. Plus, there’s Instagram Stories and IG TV where you say can it LIVE on camera.

How do I reduce my social media use without hurting my business

  • If you have a presence on several social media platforms, investigate your Google Analytics data to find out which is your top performer. Which social network is bringing you the most visitors?

  • If you are on Squarespace, go to Analytics → Traffic Sources → Referrals to see who is your top referrer. You may be surprised to find that your most ardent fans are coming from a website you didn’t even know about. For example, if you are a pottery maker, your top referrer may actually be a curator’s blog that published a strong piece about your work.

  • Click on "Social" to see which social media platform is giving you the most clicks.

  • Dedicate more time to the social network that brings you the largest readership or customers. Engage them with more frequent posts and reply to comments.


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