What kind of content drives the most traffic?


When you first start your blog to grow your business, stick to a topic you can reliably write about regularly and without overwhelm. Your editorial plan may include news about your business, inspiration and trends in your field, short book and product reviews, if appropriate. Then, as you grow, consider diversifying the types of content you publish to excite loyal readers and attract new visitors.

How to create blog content readers will love


According to SlideShare, infographics are liked 4 times more and shared 3 times more than presentations and documents on social media. What makes infographics so viral?

Infographics present information in a visual format which allows users to understand data more quickly. And, if they are designed well, they win us over with aesthetics. Who doesn’t love a pretty picture? Here at Pletórica Designs, we made our own infographics for the Let’s Type series and they are consistently among the most liked and saved posts on Instagram and Pinterest.

Infographics can be evergreen resources that will be useful for a long time or bank on a trend in your industry. You can use controversial topics to attract attention or capitalize on the most popular aspect of your blog. Grab these 15 FREE Infographic templates from HubSpot to get started.


It seems silly at first but we all love a good joke and no one wants to laugh alone. Memes are a highly shareable, highly viral form of content.

How-to guides

Nothing beats a clear, step-by-step explanation that helps a reader when he’s in a bind. We always remember the people who help us.


Given that a lengthy how-to guide requires more time and research, consider offering it as lead magnet in downloadable PDF format to capture emails. For example, if you are an artist, you might create a beautiful desktop calendar or wallpaper for your readers as a monthly gift.

Link love pages

Remember back in the days of blogging for self-expression, Friday Link Love was a super popular topic because we all love getting access to great resources. Besides, our brains simply love seeing information organized as lists.


Podcasts are hugely popular these days. That said, they present a significant time commitment and some financial investment (microphone, editor, etc.). They may not be a good option for someone who is just starting out. But, if you have made strides in your career and have some expertise and experience to share, it may just be the key to boosting user engagement with your brand. Another great benefit: once you build a strong following, you can take paid advertisement to support the project.


If you are part of a great network of professionals, tap them to share their experiences and lessons learned with your audience. You can even create a simple interview template to send out to all interviewees and then publish them regularly with an introduction that highlights the most thought-provoking takeaways.


Instead of writing a very long detailed post, sometimes it’s fun to create a recurring series. Series build consistency and fosters loyalty in readers because they know they can come back to find fresh content that they’ll love.


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