Six reasons to build your site with Squarespace

Photo:  Lee Campbell

One of the most overlooked factors when during a website launch is ease of maintenance. While many small businesses focus on the design/development budget, they often forget to factor in the cost of updating the website, especially if the platform that it is built on is unfamiliar and difficult to master.

Let's talk about Squarespace. Though it is not nearly as popular as the OG Wordpress, it is definitely a strong contender. Besides being one of the most sophisticated platforms we’ve seen, it is one of the easiest to manage. It’s go a super user-friendly dashboard from the dashboard

1. intuitive Drag and drop system

Squarespace’s dashboard is super user-friendly due its "drag and drop" system that allows you to place images and text on the page.

2. No coding necessary

You can manage an entire website or online shop without writing a line of code or doing any programming. Enough said, right?

3. no more plug-in updates

Say goodbye to those days of never-ending plugin updates and trouble-shooting compatibility issues. The lack of plug-ins makes the platform more stable which means fewer maintenance chores for you and more time to focus on growing your business.

Drag and drop to update content on any page on your Squarespace website

Drag and drop to update content on any page on your Squarespace website

4. Domain + hosting in one place

When you sign up with Squarespace you can choose to buy or transfer your domain to this platform so you don't have to coordinate with two different companies: a domain registrar and a hosting subscription service. You can have both here on Squarespace.

5. Responsive design

You've probably opened a website recently on your smartphone and seen how images end up stacking on top of each other or over text blocks making it difficult to navigate. This won't happen with Squarespace. All the basic templates are responsive so they adapt to any screen size.

And if we create a custom design for you, we’ll make sure to create mobile versions so that your content looks and functions exactly the way you want it to on smartphones.


Launched in English in 2003 in the United States, the platform has now been translated in Spanish. Since we work in Spanish as well, this update was a major boost for us and may be for you as well if you have a bilingual audience.

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