Proxima Nova


Let's Type is a series where we introduce the fonts available on Squarespace and how we combine them on our designs. In just five minutes you will learn the personality, utility and best combinations that you can achieve with each type.

We were convinced that Spotify, the music streaming platform, had chosen Proxima Nova on their latest brand design but we have found that they went along with Circula, a very similar font, except for a few details —see the ending on the lowercase "t". If you are trying to give your brand a youthful, affable and effective look like Spotify's, Proxima Nova will work. It is also a font workhorse: it will provide clarity on your titles, navigation bars and even the body of text. 


Body of text, navigation bar, logo, titles.


Proxima Nova Condensed, Oswald, Roboto Condensed, Jubilat, Adelle, Arial, Courier, Clarendon, Adobe Caslon, Georgia, Didot.

The website you'll find below is a great example of how you can add interesting details with the typography choices on your site: Jubilat (logo, "DOMINO"), Proxima Nova (Navigation bar), Arial (Title: "Discover your daily dose of inspiration") and a font combination with Arial and Jubilat to distinguish the different sections ( "WHAT'S NEW today, EDITOR'S Picks"). See annotated site below:

+ SHOWCASE: Proxima nova, jubilat and arial

Proxima nova, jubilat and arial