Let's Type is a typography series where we introduce the different fonts available on Squarespace that we use in our designs. In just five minutes, you’ll know their characteristics and how you can combine them on your own website.

Katarine is another elongated type that features delicate details in its upper case “A.” The vertical lines stand at an angle and form a perfect teepee shape.

Still, this font is versatile enough to work in the menu of the footer and on buttons.

Katarine reads well in the body of the text at 16pt (as seen in the poster to the left) but its quirky edges may become an issue at smaller sizes.

Similar fonts


best used for

Logo, menu, titles, body of text

COMBINes well with

Abril Text, Georgia, Playfair Display, Merriweather, Ratio Modern

+ Example: Katarine and Weissenhof Grotesk on Sparkbit

Katarine y Weissenhof Grotesk
Katarine appears in the large titles and Weissenhof Grotesk was used for secondary titles.