Let's type: Atrament

Atrament - Tipografía de PLETÓRICA DESIGNS

Let's Type is a series where we introduce the fonts available on Squarespace and how we combine them on our designs. In just five minutes you will learn the personality, utility and best combinations that you can achieve with each type.

Published by Adobe Typekit and available on Squarespace, Atrament is an elongated font that becomes hard to read on long paragraphs. It is so thin that it is less legible in italic format but it will be your best choice if you are looking for a rigid, disciplined type to use on a title. You can see this on the navigation bar on the poster on the left (Menu, shop, blog, etc.)

Atrament is similar to Oswald, available via Google Fonts and also on Squarespace, as well as Knockout, a family of elongated fonts with flat feet that was used by Beyoncé on her 2013 album cover. Other similar fonts are Proxima Nova Extra Condensed and Roboto Condensed. Make sure to check them out if this is the look you are going for. 


Logos, titles and navigation bar


Helvetica, Helvetica Neue, JAF Facit, Proxima Nova

+ SHOWCASE: Atrament and Proxima Nova

Atrament and Proxima Nova