Asap family

Let's Type is a typography series where we introduce the different fonts available on Squarespace that we use in our designs. In just five minutes, you’ll know their characteristics and how you can combine them on your own website.

The Asap font family is a group of elongated types with rounded edges. Though their width and spacing varies they all make for an easy read on screens as long you use them for the right job.

For example, we like Asap Condensed for menus because its thinness saves space and it is still very legible in capital letters. However, we tend to avoid it for the body of the text since it may tire the eyes, especially on mobile devices.

Both Asap and Asap symbol read well in the body of the text.

best used for

menu, titles, body of text

COMBINes well with

Roboto, Lato, PT Sans, Montserrat

+ Example of Asap, via

Netto y Abril Text