How to use social media for your business without overwhelm


The best way to automate social media content flow is to create a lot of good content and then share it bit by bit. It may sound obvious but prioritizing our own content creation was a challenge. It also meant overcoming the temptation to chase immediate feedback and addictive likes on social media.

Now we focus on creating interesting, useful content and use social media as an announcement board.

Set a clear intention for your social media presence

A social media feed is an ongoing marketing campaign. It’s a way to stay in touch with your audience, build brand loyalty, and attract new followers. While it’s tempting to try to sell products or services by pursuing a lead through comments or the DMs, such a strategy is incredibly time-consuming and rarely leads to a sale. Think of posts as a chain of breadcrumbs that will eventually lead clients to your website.  Let followers become familiar with your brand, and when they need your service, they will come to you.

Create measurable goals

Social media marketing is the creation of content that leads to increased traffic on your website or a sale. For us, social media is not about getting likes on pretty pictures so we track our success closely and adjust our strategy accordingly. We track user engagement and growth with the following table.

Nurture your following

According to Digital Online Marketing, on average it takes 3 interactions with a brand before a customer makes a purchase. And researchers at Manchester-based marketing agency R.O.Eye say “online shopping journeys with seven interactions produce the healthiest [ highest-price] sale.” The study also indicates that social media contributes to the success of those transactions.

One of the best ways to eventually earn a client through social is to maintain a consistent presence. Publish regularly, on the same day and around the same time, if possible to build familiarity.

Create taglists

Before you start publishing on social media, use your content calendar or blog categories to create a few tag lists for every type of content you intend to share. That way, every time you post, you won’t have to scratch your head to come up with the appropriate hashtags.

Autopublish your social media content

If you do any kind of deep work — work that requires flexing your intellectual muscles and harnessing your creativity to focus on a specific task — automate your social media posts to avoid distractions.

3 tools to schedule your social media content to publish automatically

    • Planoly: Schedule up to 30 images a month for FREE to publish on Instagram and repost on Facebook

    • Hootsuite: If your content is mostly articles that people like to read, you can use Hootsuite to share your content on Twitter or Facebook. You can schedule up to 30 posts a month for FREE.

    • Facebook: Fun fact — Facebook allows you to schedule posts for automatic publication.

Reshare good old content

Social media moves fast so everybody that follows you won’t see what you post the first time around. Repost your most popular content from time to time. Use a different picture or quote from the article to put a fresh spin on it.

Goal Ex. Get new followers Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4
Post Frequency 1/day
Results (key performance indicator) Number of followers
Goal Ex. Increase engagement
Post Frequency 2/day
Results (key performance indicator) Number of clicks to blog