How to use Pinterest as a Marketing Tool

Photo:  rawpixel .

Photo: rawpixel.

Though some people think of Pinterest as a social media platform, we see it as a visual search engine. It works just like Google but the answer comes in as an image with a link to a web page, which makes it an ideal platform for any creative working with visual elements.

Basic tips for using Pinterest

Don’t work for Pinterest, make Pinterest work for you. Don’t spend time and energy trying to create content specifically for the platform. Instead, focusing on sharing high-quality links and visuals from your website and other sources. And, you can create private pin boards for personal areas of your life or top-secret projects.

Bring added  value

Because people collect posts on Pinterest, the most popular items are things that have long-lasting value like infographics, how-to guides and visually powerful, aspirational photographs ( Ex. quotes, home decor, travel)  Most of our traffic from Pinterest comes from our typography infographic, Let’s Type.

why market your work on pinterest

Every time someone repins your post on Pinterest, it gets posted on his feed and your work is shown to a larger audience. Enough said, right? You can also use Pinterest to attract new leads for your business by doing the following:

  • Share your aesthetics — Collect and share inspirations through Pin boards. For example, we collect inspiration for web design, typography, graphic design, illustration, office space decoration, etc. — factors that improve our working life and tells visitors what we’re about. Clients hire creatives for their skill set as well as for their unique style. Showcasing your taste through your Pinterest boards tells clients whether you are the right fit for their projects.

    Your aesthetic is also a great way to attract like-minded creatives who may become part of your professional network or future collaborators.

  • Nurture a fan base — Because Pinterest is a search engine that lets users to save their findings in collections, it gives fans an interactive experience with your work. Unlike social media platforms where new content quickly becomes obsolete once out of sight, your Pinterest followers get to re-engage with your work.

    And Pinterest users can still find your post months after you’ve published it if their search matches your content. These pins will always link back to your website and bring in new visitors.

  • Sell products — When you pin a product, Pinterest allows you to show the price and a brief description. Like a Google My Business Page, Pinterest is a free showcase for your business and products. Every time someone searches for such a product on Pinterest, there you are.

    You can also create a portfolio board of your finished projects with links to content on your website where you explain how you approached them.

  • Boost your SEO strategy — The Pinterest algorithm reads your meta descriptions in order to give users the best answer to their searches. Craft effective and convincing meta descriptions with our guide.