How to use Google Search Console to find your best keywords


One of the great advantages of integrating Google Analytics on Squarespace is that you can track the keywords that give you the most traffic. Your keywords will become one of the cornerstones in your SEO strategy and using them in your content will help expand your audience.

When you set up your Analytics page on Squarespace, you will have access to a section called Organic Search. An organic search is a visit to your site from a search engine results page like Google and Bing. Although Google Analytics shares the number of clicks and the list of pages each user visits, it no longer shows the keywords that drove them to your website. You can only see this information if you are using Google Ads or connect your website to another Google platform called Google Search Console.

Luckily, we’ve found a shortcut on Squarespace.

How to connect Google Search Console to Squarespace Analytics

When you link your Google Analytics account to Squarespace, Squarespace will invite you to connect your site to the Search Console. Click on “Connect.”

And magically Squarespace will begin logging your keywords under your Analytics dashboard. To see your keywords associated with your website, go to Dashboard →  Analytics → Google Keywords.

How to navigate the keywords page

  • Clicks is your website’s organic search traffic or the number of times users clicked on your website from a search engine. You can change the settings to reflect a longer or short time range (week, month, year).

  • Impressions is the number of times your website has appeared in search results.

  • Click rate is the total number of impressions divided by total number of clicks.

  • Average position is your relative ranking in search engine results. For example, if you enter the keywords: “plantillas Squarespace,” Pletórica Designs appears fourth after the organic search results that go straight to Squarespace itself. This figure reflects the average position for all such results during this period.

how to find your high performing Keywords

Below the overview above, there is a line graph and a list of your top keywords and how each has performed.

  • The number of impressions per keyword tells you how popular that search term is

  • The number of clicks per keyword tells you whether the title and summary of your content — the blurb that shows up under your link in Google’s search results — matched what the user wanted

  • Click rate per word tells you which are your highest performing keywords — the keywords that had the highest visibility on search engines + led to a visit to your website. Those are your money makers. A high click rate means that every time a user searched that term and was shown your content, he chose to visit your website!

Once you know your list of top performing keywords, use them to draw even more visitors to your website and reposition your business in search engines.