Tutorial: Managing your blog on Squarespace


Whether you have ran a blog on a different platform or you are starting from scratch, Squarespace's user interface is going to become your best friend quite soon. It's really easy to use and intuitive.

You can always access your blog from the main menu. Scroll down the list of pages, click on Blog and you'll find a specific blog menu with different options:

  • All, this panel hosts all your content

  • Drafts, posts you haven't published yet

  • Review, the entries that are still marked for you to read again before publishing

  • Scheduled, you can schedule posts to publish later and they will be saved here


Click on the plus sign on the right side of the menu. On the main screen, you'll find the blog editor with a text block where you can start adding your content. Above, you'll see a field for the blog post title. 


One of the main features of Squarespace are the insert points, the dark bubbles that show up as you hover over the content area. By clicking on them you'll be able to insert more text blocks, images, videos and many more features. Choose any of them from the Blocks Menu in the floating window that opens after you click on an insert point. You can then drag and drop the block around the page.


Click on one of the insert points and chose an image, video or gallery block. When adding an image, you'll see a new window where you can drag the file or open your archives to pick the right one. On that same window, go to the Design section to pick one of the six different styles for the photograph. 

change the image width 

Click on one of the insert points and add a Spacer. Repeat to add a second spacer. You can drag each of these blocks to each side of the image —if you want to center it, for example— and resize until the photo reaches the size you want. As you move the blocks, the dark lines will guide you so you know where you can drop it. 

Cómo actualizar blog de Squarespace — Plantillas y diseño web - PLETÓRICA DESIGNS


You'll find the categories and tag options on the lower side of the editing window. Add as many as you need in order to organize your content. When users click on one of these categories or tags, your blog will show all the content archived under each topic. 

Blog editor on Squarespace — PLETÓRICA DESIGNS


The thumbnail is the image that shows on your blog front page, any category or archive list, as well as on social media when you or your readers share a post from your site. 

When you're ready to add one, go to the Options section of the blog post editor and upload your image. 


Before leaving the Options panel, enter a small excerpt for your blog post so that it shows along the title on social media. Some templates also run this excerpt below the post title and thumbnail on the blog front page. 

CHANGE the POST's URL (if necessary)

Your blog will set a different URL for each entry, based on your title. The default is: https://yourweb.com/your-blog/2017/01/01/post-title

If you ever need to edit this address —when you change the title, for example— go to the Options section in the editor. You'll find a field with the URL address, edit it here and save. 


When you are finished, you can:

  • Save: click on Save to keep the post on the drafts section. 

  • Publish: Save and Publish if you want to publish your post.

  • Schedule: Click on the scheduling option —the menu shows by clicking on the word "draft" at the bottom—, and pick the date when you want your post to run.

  • Save for further Review

¿Do you have any questions about your blog on Squarespace? Leave a comment and we will create another post to answer you.