How to choose the best stock photography for your website

Photo:  Brooke Cagle

Stick to your color palette

Even if you write about a wide variety of topics, your website shouldn’t look like a hodgepodge of clashing aesthetics. Instead, create a harmonious vibe by sticking to your color palette. For example, we love using warm tones to complement our cream background. And when we design a template, we create a photo collection to match the color palette in the layout.

Define your brand’s niche

If you write about a particular niche, then it may be helpful to curate a collection of photos that speak directly to your audience. For example, we create website templates for small businesses and female entrepreneurs so our pictures often feature women working, women gathering and stylish working spaces.

Choose a mood

Just as you did with the color palette, stick to a particular style of editing. We like a bright sun-filled aura in deep shadows that matches our cream and chalkboard black palette.

Where do you get good FREE quality stock photos

Full disclosure: We love Unsplash. Much of the photography on our templates are from this platform and we are beyond grateful to the photographers who share their work with us! We’ve curated 35+ collections that you can use to jumpstart your blog and social media content. Also, Squarespace has incorporated Unsplash so you can pull images directly from within your dashboard.

You can also find free stock photography on Rawpixel, Twenty20 and