Five reasons to build your site with Squarespace

Photo:  Lee Campbell

Now that you just decided to create a website, you're probably trying to answer the next question: what's the best platform for me? 

Let's talk about Squarespace, the content management system with the most potential because of how easy it is to use, even though it's not as widespread as others such as WordPress. These are some of the main advantages of using this platform: 

1. "Drag and drop" system

Squarespace launched in 2003 in the United States with a pioneering idea to create websites: a "drag and drop" system that allows you to place images and text anywhere on your screen.

Qué es Squarespace - PLETÓRICA DESIGNS

2. No coding necessary

You can manage an entire website or online shop without writing a line of code or doing any programming. 

3. Safe and stable

You can say goodbye to those days of constant checking for plugin updates and safety backups that can take you away from growing your business. Squarespace integrates it all in one platform so you don't need to worry about plugins and compatibility issues, for example. 

4. Domain + hosting in one place

When you sign up with Squarespace you can choose to buy or transfer your domain to this platform so you don't have to coordinate with different companies (such as Bluehost, GoDaddy or Google) anymore. This option comes with some discounts along that are worth checking out. 

5. Responsive design

You've probably opened a website recently on your smartphone and seen how images end up stumbling on top of each other or over texts that you can't read as well as on the desktop version. This won't happen with Squarespace. All their sites are responsive by default so they adapt to any screen size and become super easy to use. 

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