Build customer loyalty with these 3 tricks


Given that there is more than one billion websites on the Internet, it can feel like your site will never get seen. Besides implementing a well-researched SEO strategy, stand out in the crowd by offering the best user experience possible.

Besides creating a beautiful easy-to-navigate website, your site must help visitors improve their lives by providing a solution to a problem. That means your website cannot be a static display. It has to engage and serve a specific purpose.  

Here are three quick tricks you can implement today to make your web user-friendly and build customer loyalty.

Add a booking system

Calling all accountants, fitness trainers, yoga teachers! Whether you sell services for private sessions or group classes at a brick-and-mortar shop, a bookings system will boost your business.


  • Encourages client to follow-through and complete the decision process. Instead of having to make a phone call or send an email, they can see your availability right away and book his spot.

  • Reduces management tasks. This is especially important if you run a service-based business with several members like a physical therapy center. Instead of having to field customer questions and then communicate with each member about their upcoming appointments, every person on the team can see and be accountable for their own bookings.

Make your website bilingual

According to Pew Research Center, the majority of English-speaking Hispanics in the United States are bilingual and 38 percent of them mainly speak Spanish. Translating your website can be a great way to tap into new markets both within and outside of the country. Beyond US borders, there are more than 570 million Spanish speakers in the world.  You can install software that allows visitors to switch from one language to another. But, beware of those that do automatic translations. In addition to great language-translation software, you need a qualified translator to write or review your content.


  • Reach new markets and prospective customers

  • Attract new opportunities and collaborations from like-minded brands in other countries

Install a live chat

A live chat is basically a WhatsApp that customers can use it as they browse your website to ask questions about products or services. This allows you to give them quick immediate answers.


  • Builds user engagement. A live chat can increase the time customers spend on your website because they feel you or your team is there to listen and guide them.

  • Longer page visits also translate into improved SEO for your site.

  • Converts browsing into buying. Quickly dispelling doubts for a client can be the key to making the next sale.

  • Collects market research about user behavior. Your live chat log will allow you to see the most frequently asked questions and issues clients face as they navigate your website. Use this information to create an effective FAQ page, improve your design or tweak a service.

  • Never miss an opportunity. During off-hours, visitors enter in their email address so that you can respond to their questions when you open up the next day.

And you don’t have to overhaul your whole website to add these new features. Installing a live chat, making your website multilingual or adding a bookings calendar requires CSS coding.

You can hire us to do these and other technically tricky jobs for you!