5 types of business that benefit the most from SEO

Barista preparing brews at  Blue Bottle Coffee  in Los Angeles, CA. Photo:  Tyler Nix

Barista preparing brews at Blue Bottle Coffee in Los Angeles, CA. Photo: Tyler Nix

Though every single business can benefit from a good SEO plan to improve visibility on search engines, some companies have an even better edge. Here are 5 types of companies that gain the most from a good SEO strategy.

online service providers

Businesses that rely heavily on website traffic to advertise their services, promote their brand and inspire users to share original content that they publish in order to grow their audience. SEO is the best tool to achieve these goals without making a large financial investment.

highly specialized professionals

These companies have a huge SEO advantage because they face limited competition to be seen on search engines. Why? Any description of their work requires very specific keywords that users always employ to search for their services. And if they operate in a specific geographic location, they gain even more SEO edge since Google shows users the best search results nearest to them first.

small tech companies & startups

These kinds of businesses have one thing in common: they tend to be new businesses with little to no advertising budget. SEO is the best go-to strategy to get attention and build an audience. This plan allows them to study the feedback and adjust their strategy at no financial cost.

walk-in businesses: healthcare services, small shops, restaurants

When users search for a business with a physical location — for example, a flower shop — they are interested in visiting the one nearest to them.

Google search results include a map with the location of the nearest matches pinned to it for the user’s convenience. Local businesses therefore benefit even more from a great SEO plan.

Moreover, any company can open a free Google My Business page, basically a giant internet billboard on Google’s server where they can publish information about their services and products.

Repair & Maintenance professionals

These kinds of businesses have two advantages. Searching for their services requires using highly specific keywords which reduces the number of possible results on search engines.

And, we usually want to hire the professional closest to us who can come at our earliest convenience. That requirement again reduces the competition, leaving fewer businesses with well-optimized websites on the search results page. The lower the competition, the higher the chances that each company will win a new paying customer.

Have a local business? Boost your visibility on Google with these quick tips.


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