3 ways to create a color palette for your website

3 ways to create a color palette for your web.png

Grab this ready-made color palette

Designseeds.com is hands down the best resource for choosing a color palette for a creative project if you don’t want to use any software at all. Basically, Design Seeds creator Jessica Colaluca has done all the work for you. She creates color palettes based on beautiful images and organizes them by themes based on the seasons, edibles, nature, etc. You can also browse her collections by color. Find her @designseeds on Instagram.

Make your own color palette

Adobe Color App creates color palettes based on photographs from your phone’s library. This interactive app will give you the  HEX code, RBG and CMYK formats for each color in the palette. Only available to Adobe customers.

Find the right tone for your creative project

What does “Sunflower” yellow look like? Well, Name That Color will show you. If you’ve heard of a color but can’t quite get the look of it while working on a project, you can search for it in this open-source interactive program.

  • Search for color by name. The program will give you the RGB format for your color of choice.

  • Search for color by sight. You can also choose a color by sight on the interactive color wheel to find out its name and RGB format.

Still looking for more inspiration, check out our Color Pinterest Board full beautiful images with interesting hues.


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